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Sweet&Green Offer

Sweet&Green offers you a wide selection of diverse salads, over 50 types of ingredients, most of them organic.

We source fresh and delicious ingredients exclusively from local producers and vegetable growers.

As an addition to our salads, we prepare fresh dressings without preservatives and refined sugars.

Create your own salad or if you're not sure what you want, try some of our offered combinations.

Sweet&Green is here to provide you with quality, balanced nutrient intake, and a healthy meal.

How to create a salad?

Quick and easy in just a few steps

Step 1

Combination of Base 1 + Base 2 – SALADS AND VEGETABLES as the foundation


Step 2

Add any of the nutritious ingredients as desired 

price per ingredient

Step 3

season your salad with fresh dressing without preservatives and refined sugar

included in the price of the salad

Create a salad

You can create your salad by clicking the button below.

The salad can be delivered to you, or you can pick it up yourself at the location.


creative salads

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